Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bagan Siapi-api

I was Famous

Pajak (Market)

Chinese Noodles


Going Home

Bagan Siapi-api is a small town in the province of Riau, Sumatera. It is the capital of Rokan Hilir regency. Bagan is able to reached from Pekanbaru by 6 hours driving. Or, 3 hours travel time by ferry from Port Dickson, Malaysia. The major ethnic population are from Melayu and Chinese.

It is a nice town to live in, where you can't find any BCA withdrawal machine or even traffic light. In the 80's, Bagan Siapi-Api was the biggest fish producing town in Indonesia, and the second highest producer of fish in the world, after Norway.

Bagan Siapi-api is the town that I call home now :)

Photography @azizhasibuan

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andi faisal said...

tambahin donk fotonya.... kangen kampung halaman ni...